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So, I'm A Hoarder...

I've come to the realization that I am a hoarder. Yes, I said it. I am a hoarder. Are there any Hoarders Anonymous groups cause I'm pretty sure I should be in one. 

I'm not sure if hoarding is genetic but my Grandma was a hoarder. Which in turn made my Mom a hoarder. My Dad is the king of hoarding as he has this talent to make the most possible things fit into any available space. Oddly enough, my Mom did a complete 180 probably out of necessity and turned into one of those "use it or lose it" types where she will throw everything away just because.

It was my Mom's transformation that still haunts me to this day when I came home one day to find out she threw away a complete in box NES Little Samson game that I had in some random drawer. If you aren't familiar with this game, look it up on eBay and I'm sure you will understand my pain...

From that day forth, I went on this mission to not throw things away unless I absolutely had to or knew that it held no value to anyone anywhere. Well, that's sorta a lie because I'm a sentimental person and have kept most of the things that people have given to me over the years. But, we won't get into that.

Over the past three months, my home has undergone a wide variety of renovations. This has led to me staying home much more than usual and I made it a goal to clean my room. I figured whatever I could declutter would be a plus. Starting with my clothes was pretty easy. I'm very picky with how things fit so any t-shirt with one of those thin skinny collars that stretch as soon as you put it on, those were the first things to go into the "donate" pile. 

Sorting through the t-shirts alone took a few days cause I have done projects with a lot of clothing companies over the years and was shocked to see what I had accumulated. Quick plug and shoutout to my sponsors, Humble Roots Customs and Get Hi Hawaii

Moving along to other garment items was an even easier process. If it fit and still looked wearable, it stayed. If not, bye Felicia. 

With my clothes sorted through, next up was all of the receipts scattered everywhere. I kept all of the receipts for items that I paid cash, and shredded the rest that I used my business credit card for since the end of the year statement is enough for tax purposes. I felt like I was on a roll now! Gaining momentum to tackle the biggest task of them all, my closet. 

For some people, Bed Bath and Beyond is a home furnishings retail giant. For anyone who knows me, that's what lies behind the four double doors to my closet. There are bedding items and even a sleeping bag which I randomly bought on a whim. There are bathroom and hygiene items cause I hate germs. And then there's the beyond. There is so much beyond. I'm positive that if I died at this very moment, scientists could only wonder what kinds of thoughts go through my mind on a daily basis upon seeing the exhibition of items in my possession. 

This is where things got real. Besides not knowing where to start, I couldn't bring myself to get rid of anything! Items that I knew I did not see myself using in the foreseeable future remained because you never know. Hell, I even kept a written birthday card from one of my ex girlfriends whose penmanship is worse than your preschool aged niece. Not because I still care, but because she wrote down a bunch of the hilarious quotes and one-liners that I told her and needed them as reference for possible upcoming content for this blog! 

And here we sit about two weeks later after initially opening the doors to Narnia with my closet still filled. The only changes I have made was rearranging things in colorful storage bins that I bought from Target. It may look like I've done a lot but you'd be surprised what organization can trick people into believing. So, there's really only one thing left that I can say...

"Hi, my name is Cody and I am a hoarder..."


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