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Hello From The Other Side...

The Internet is such a weird and yet magical place. Since I'm on the middle range of the "Millennials" scale in age, I remember back when we used to take all the free sample AOL discs from Tower Records just to get online for an hour. Then, the decision became do we go into a chat room to figure out everyone's A/S/L, or do we try to browse at a speed slower than a snail.

We've come a long way since then and the availability of the Internet everywhere has shrunk the world. One of my best friends once told me that she's met some of the greatest people online and oddly enough I tend to agree. So whether you are going to read this because you have met me in person, or you are going to read this because it helps your workday move by faster, I appreciate you!

Enough with the rambling (expect a lot) and on to the introduction! My name is Cody. A.K.A. #InternetBae. A.K.A. Poplo Escobar. A.K.A. one half of the People's Champ Supremo's Hawaii. This is my first attempt at blogging so please bear with me. I am also not much of a Blogger expert so I will slowly make the layout look better, I promise.

I've been encouraged by people online for years now to start a blog. People seem to find my life interesting although I'd like to think it's more about my mindset that draws in the exactly two people that will probably read this. I am also that guy who can't stand the "ifs and buts". How does the old saying go? "If ifs and buts were candy and nuts, we'd all have a Merry Christmas!". I'm not that guy. I want to be sitting in McDonald's in 30 years, drinking my senior coffee, eating my hotcakes and knowing that through the ups and downs, through the successes and failures, that at least I lived my life on my own term with no regrets!

A friend of mine Kesha and I started this hashtag #InternetBae back in 2014 as we were discussing our plans to be the first people from Hawaii to dominate on the two CBS reality TV shows Survivor and Big Brother. We always thought that our specific mindset to be kind to others instead of being a Taylor Swift in the grass would make us endearing. Never in my wildest dreams would I ever imagine actually building a decent sized following of folks from all around the world who take a genuine interest in my daily routine and now here I am!

My promise to the two of you reading this right now is that I will do my best to post as often as possible. You can expect to read about my thoughts and my dreams. My deepest regrets and remorse. The issues in my life that make me want to cancel my subscription to certain people. As well as the first love of my life, pop culture!

Please feel free to subscribe, comment or leave your social media links below and I'll definitely follow you too! Until next time...


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