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The Social Media Conundrum...

I have this love/hate relationship with social media, I always have. At the peak of my social media usage, I was getting paid to market for businesses so I focused on building brands one post, tweet or pic at a time. Then, there are times where I just can't find myself caring enough to even log on.

To be perfectly honest, I've met a ridiculous amount of people from social media. These people have had a variety of different levels of impact on my life: good, bad and ugly. Yet, I still find myself going through these ups and downs of wanting to erase it all and be done with it forever. I could never really pinpoint why until recently.

This is where I might start to offend some of you or even lose your readership. For that, I apologize in advance and welcome you to click out of this window if you want. I'll give you some time to think about it...

Say hello to the falsetto in 3, 2, SWAG...

The thing that drives me crazy about social media is all of the people who like to "flex for the gram" so to speak. They want to spin their lives into an oversharing of only what they perceive to be what others want to see. Some of the wonderful examples of these things include:

  • Posting pictures on Instagram of lavish material items or cash when they are drowning in debt
  • Spamming pictures of their "perfect" kids and family though they are far from happy
  • Putting up Facebook statuses of how #blessed they are when clearly struggling
Granted, I have done this myself before and just really didn't realize it until now in terms of how much it bugs me. 

Being such a transparent person, I might be the only one who would love to see honest status updates. Tell us that you aren't doing well. Tell us that you've been having a less than perfect day. Share with us what's really going on. Isn't that the only way we can know to reach out to you and see what we can do to offer help? And please embrace the help when we offer it. We wouldn't ask if we didn't care. I know that society has become where most people are constantly wondering "why is this person helping me?" and "what do they really want?". But, is it that hard to believe that there are some of us who genuinely care about you and want nothing more than to see you actually happy? 

Or skip the social media altogether. Call me old fashioned but I love when people reach out to me by phone or text. I even like e-mails to an extent as long as you aren't asking me to join your multi-level marketing company or if I can send relief to the Nigerian Prince because he needs some of my money first before he can make me the sole heir to his fortune and crown me the King of Zamunda.

So if you are reading this, I don't care if we talk daily, or if we've managed to drift apart because of life or even if perhaps we aren't on the greatest terms at this very moment. I just want you to know that I care. I care much more than a like on a Facebook status. I care much more than a heart on your Instagram photo. And I care much more than replying to you on Twitter. Let's get back to the real status updates and get a cup of tea at Starbucks!  


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