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The Walking Dead (Bored)...

I have a confession to make. That iconic scene above was probably the last time I've been interested in The Walking Dead.

It really pains me to say that but I just have to vent! When I started watching The Walking Dead, I can't say that I was into zombies. I didn't even know it was based on a comic book. All I can remember is watching the pilot episode and thinking "damn". But, life interfered and the pilot was the last episode I would watch live until Season 4.

I've always been a physical media fan and I often give it out as gifts. Especially for Christmas since I've been known to buy multiple copies of every cheap Blu-ray possible on Black Friday with the mindset of "one to keep, one to give". It took me buying multiple copies of The Walking Dead Season 1 on Blu-ray for me to finally sit down and watch. I was hooked immediately. I went back to Best Buy the next day to grab Season 2 and Season 3. I think it ended up taking me about a week to watch the three seasons but now I was a fanatic.

This is so horrible to admit and I'm going to hope this person will never read my blog. But, full transparency for all of you readers has always been my goal so here we go! 

The girl I was dating when Season 4 aired was a lukewarm fan of the show at best. I felt like she faked an interest as a way to spend time with me during that one week binge but I found it endearing so no problem. Anyway, I was so into The Walking Dead that I used to tell her I couldn't hang out on Sundays because it was reserved for "church, my Patriots and the walkers". I would even put her on the "do not disturb" setting during episodes so I could live tweet with The Best Coast fans! 

To this day, I still look forward to live tweeting during episodes with The Best Coast fans. I've made some incredible friends from the fanbase of this show and even got into some entertaining discussions/arguments with actors, writers and directors online about it. But, my enthusiasm is now on life support. 

Without mentioning specific spoilers since I would hate to ruin anything for anyone, the second episode of this season was really where my interest began to wane. The episodes became slower and slower. The action became non-existent. I'd even find myself taking naps during the episodes or just giving up altogether and deciding to text the person formerly known as my best friend about my disgust. Hell, some weeks I wouldn't even watch the episode until 2 or 3 days after it aired! 

And yet, I hang on. There are two episodes remaining in Season 7 and I'd have to assume that something major is going to start happening ASAPer than Rocky. And if it doesn't, I'm okay with that too. I'd compare myself to that poker player who is pot committed to his pocket Aces, I've invested too much into this show to give up now. The quality could decline for years and years to come but I would still be there each and every Sunday with my high hopes! 

Come live tweet with me tonight and just remember that in the end, "Maggie, I will find you..."


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